Emergency Survival Skills, Resources and Information

Master the art of a few Basic survival skills. It COULD save your life!

We may have a stash of food … enough supplies for a year and guns stacked in every corner, and lose it all in one night to a fire or some other disaster.

Learning the BASIC skills needed to stay alive in ANY situation can help us more than stockpiling all kinds of goodies.

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Basic, old fashioned skills have been used for generations to survive in the outdoors (or indoors. Just mastering the art of building a fire or finding food in the woods can give a tremendous boost to one’s peace of mind.

Prepping is becoming almost a necessity in the face of earthquakes, tsumanis, hurricanes and various other disasters that we are facing on a worldwide scale, and it is fairly easy to come up with some sort of bug out plan.


LIVING a survivalist lifestyle is becoming reality for many families as they focus on preparing for whatever may be coming down the pipe, whether that may be a natural disaster or something as serious as martial law, on account of an economic melt-down.


Or… you could just sneak in with an Amish family for a little bit. =)

Off Grid Survival

My personal advice on emergency preparedness,(and you will find me repeating this a lot!)… is that as long as you have a few essentials such as a good wood stove with a flat top, plenty of firewood, and are close to wildlife and a water source, you will be able to survive many situations.


I grew up Amish, got married and had two kids in that lifestyle, before we made the jump to the ‘other side’. I had a wonderful life growing up as a little amish girl.

And for anyone who is just beginning to look at living off the grid so to speak, I can tell you that it is totally possible.
Having spent the first 30 years of my life in the Amish lifestyle, I know first hand what it is to live COMPLETELY off grid and live quite comfortably that way…. boy, I sure do like my wheels and electricity now tho! *grin*


It may take some time and research to find everything you need to make off-grid living a reality and while you are researching and looking at ways you can do this… you may want to have AT LEAST ONE of the following emergency preparedness kits on hand or close by: such as in the trunk of your car.)
In fact, it is a good idea to ALWAYS have some sort of emergency kit in the car. Here are a few basic prepping pages:







Take Action!

Most people feel overwhelmed at first when looking at emergency preparedness plans…… but let me assure you, just the fact that YOU ARE DOING something has already put you ahead of 75% of your neighbors and friends, who sadly are just ignoring the signs of the times that are happening all around us.

If you can get about a month’s supply of food stored up, you are ahead of about 90% of Americans, so take a breath…relax… and we will help you with the rest. :)

Hopefully we can help make the task of emergency preparedness much less intimidating and overwhelming…with tips and guidelines on many topics including these:




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