Is 2012 End of The World ..?

“2012 end of the world as we know it now…”

That is what folks are saying.

And with this epic date looming VERY close on the horizon, there is quite a controversy about the whole 2012 end of the world subject. Which isn’t that hard to believe with all the nuclear radiation stuff that is happening in Japan.

However, it IS in fact a date that has been mentioned quite a bit throughout history, so let’s just imagine for a second that something quite out of the ordinary COULD actually happen on that date or surrounding it.. what are we supposed to be doing about it?

How can we prepare for a 2012 end of the age kind of a thing?

I don’t think anyone REALLY knows what is going to happen. There is a lot of speculation and some really interesting facts on what could very possibly happen around December of that year. So as they say, ” It’s better to be prepared for something that COULD happen than to be totally UNPREPARED for what DOES happen!”

Ignorance may be bliss in some cases, but when it comes to something of this sort, it is definitely an advantage to be somewhat prepared and have some knowledge of what COULD happen at least!

There are some really great “end of the age guides” available on the net … we have some of the most popular ones listed here==>> 2012 End of The World Info that you can check out.


Regardless WHAT you are trying to do research on – there is always a TON of information out there.

We do not even pretend to have all the answers on the whole 2012 survival thing, but what we ARE DOING with this website is providing a place for folks to do research that will help them get better prepared for come what may.

For a lot of people, just KNOWING what to DO in case of emergency will be a huge help, and if you browse through this website you will find all manner of ways that you can be preparing for ANY scenario.

Learn about stocking up food here…… or you can learn where to find good hunting and packing knives here…. or perhaps you just need a good place to learn about alternative energy and HERE is a great place to start that.


Information is good, BUT…

…information will NOT KEEP YOU ALIVE!

Only ACTION will keep you alive!

Pick a plan today and put it into action!

Learn more about what emergency survival plan may work best for youand start preparing for it.


Bottom line is simply that regardless whether it may be 12 21 2012, a hurricane, citywide shutdown, tornado – or some other catastrophic event….

It has never yet hurt anyone to BE PREPARED!

12 21 2012 IS Coming Ever Closer….

With that fateful date creeping ever closer, there are various phases people are getting caught in with the whole emergency preparedness and December 21st scenario…


  • Some are just waking up to what others have been researching for years… and there is the tendency to panic.
  • Some are never going to even realize anything was on the horizon until it happens…It’s called, getting caught with your pants down.
  • Still others are quietly preparing for whatever may be coming down the pike, whether that be 12 12 2012 or some other economic crisis.
  • And… then there are those of us that are stashing cash to be able to BUY all the survival supplies that will be up for grabs AFTER 2012!


If you are really interested in knowing what all COULD happen…and HOW TO PREPARE FOR IT, you need to get one of these 2012 End of the Age Books as they are PACKED with really great information on all kinds of things including…

  • The Full Shocking Plan revealing how governments around the world are working to bring about A New World Order.
  • The worst place in the world you could possibly be in on December 12, 2012 (and where you’ll stand the greatest chance of survival!)
  • The impact to the world’s economy — and which assets you should keep and which ones you should get rid of! Will cash be the ultimate currency? Or will it be… something else?
  • How the government is secretly poisoning us to weaken our ability to stop their plan — You’ll learn the simple steps to reverse what they’ve already done to you.
  • What the Mayan predictions and Nostradamus prophesies about global warming and climate change mean for our planet…(It’s not what you think!)
  • How the government uses the media to cover its lies and how to look for tell-tale signs that you are being mislead — as we approach this fateful date, this will be the most critical skill to have to make the “right” life-saving decisions
  • Who is right about the whole 2012 end of the world deal?Those predicting the apocalypse (the end of time), or those who see a rebirth of consciousness, a coming renewal?
  • The scientific evidence for a shift in the earth’s magnetic field — and how it will affect all life!
  • How organized religion — right up to the Pope himself — took great efforts to keep the truth about the future from the rest of the world.


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