After 2012 – Find Bargains!

Ready for Bargains Galore?!

Have a pocketful of cash ready for AFTER 2012!


No one REALLY knows what will happen on or around December of 2012, but many of us are expecting life to go on as normal. With the exception of there being TONS of survival supplies and bargains to nab!

Remember Y2K?

There were literally TONS of generators and wood stoves on the market the next few months.

I remember going to yard sales and finding amazing bargains in all manner of survival supplies

And while we don’t necessarily want to WAIT till after 2012 to get stuff together for emergencies, that will definitely be a great time to add to our stash.

The beauty of it all, for us as survivalists is that January and February are lean months for a lot of folks, plus the fact that they probably spent their life savings to get their survival supplies, will make them very willing to sell their generators and expensive supplies for cheap.

So here is my little bit of advice 
Start an “after 2012 cash stash” for that purpose. If there actually IS a big 12,21 2012 event, then you will be glad you have the extra emergency cash, and if not, then you will be able to capitalize on cheap generators and emergency supplies. Win win!




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