Bug Out Bag Contents …

Go on a camping trip.

Seriously, to find out what bug out bag contents you want to have in your survival pack, a great way to find out is to go on a weekend camping trip!


We have added a pretty comprehensive list below, but if you are REALLY serious and up to the challenge!
Pack everybody into an SUV.
… or better yet… grab a few HIKING packs, and HIKE in somewhere for a few days of totally off the grid, away from home experience.


It COULD be life changing in more ways than one!
Trust me, going on a simple camping trip will help you figure out VERY quickly what some basic emergency preparedness supplies are, that you won’t want to forget to add to your packs!
We learn something new and valuable, every year when we go on a family camping trip.

BOB Contents

 For the most part, what goes INTO your BOB kit or plan will depend entirely on what your plan is.



Where you live will have some impact on what goes into your kit. If you live in an area where it can get cold, you will want to plan for that. But if you are nowhere near
any colder climates, you will want to make sure you have sun screen or a netting tent, or perhaps extra fluids.

The lists below with the kit are a great example of what bug out bag contents you will get if you BUY a survival pack…and it will also give you a great idea what to add when building your own.

Some folks find it more convenient to simply purchase a ready to go kit, modify it for their own use and store it in a safe place until they need to use it.

Should I BUY or MAKE my Own Bug Out Bag?

PERSONALLY… by the time you FIND all the items on your own, you will often SAVE money and lots of time by just purchasing a kit versus making your own.
However, if you are pressed for money, then you can accumulate the items with time and with stuff you have in your home already.

The kit below has the following items and can be found here ==>>Deluxe Emergency Kit.

Here is another great Kit…



Deluxe 72 Hour Emergency Survival Kit- 2 Person – $ 78.00
The Deluxe 72 Hour Emergency Survival Kit includes:




Here are some more really great bug out and safety kits

Guardian 1 Day Box Survival Kit

Classroom Lockdown Kit

Guardian Hunters Survival Kit

Survival Pal for Children


Guardian Survival Pal Guardian Survival Pal