Bug Out Bag… 72 Hour Bag… Call It What You Want!

Just don’t procrastinate getting one!

  • Bug out bag
  • 72 Hour Packs bag
  • Bail Out Gear
  • Emergency Backpack
  • SHTF pack

They are all basically the same – just different names for a very important part of your preparedness planning.
Doesn’t matter WHAT we call it.


What’s IMPORTANT is that we all HAVE an emergency preparedness pack of some sort all made up and READY TO GO!

Don’t have the time to MAKE one?

There are places that you can buy the ready to go kits….or here are some details to make your own pack with some lists to help you figure out what needs to go into yours.

Please Keep in Mind….

That JUST BECAUSE you have a bail out bag sitting in the corner is NOT going to ensure that you will be safe!
It is a bit frustrating sometimes to see all the efforts folks put into stashing huge quantities of food and supplies, and yet have NO IDEA how they would survive if they’d get chased from their homes, or if someone robbed them blind of everything they have stockpiled for emergencies.

Everyone NEEDS to know some basic survival skills such as:

These are just the very basic skills to survive, but if you can master some of these, you will feel just as prepared as if you had a million bucks of SHTF gear piled away!

I STILL Recommend Having a BOB Stuck in The Corner!

The beauty of making your own emergency survival BOB pack is that you get to personalize it to YOUR needs.
Our Bug Out Essentials page has quite a detailed list of what needs to go into your Preparedness Bag if you make your own.


Or the 72 hour kits page will help you get a bag ready that is geared more towards just ‘getting out of dodge’ safely for a few days, or to help you get to the next point of safety, in the event your home is no longer safe.
A GREAT place to keep a 72 hour kit is in you car.
You never know when you may be stuck in a traffic jam or out in the middle of nowhere for awhile with only your backpack of goodies to keep you happy.

Some Basic MUST HAVE’S for ANY Survival Kit!

  • A STRONG and sturdy pack… and if you can get one, a SOLAR pack is great as you can take some emergency power with you that way to keep batteries charged in your radios, flashlights, etc.
  • Some form of a Survival Knife … this is HUGE as there are so many things that can happen and simple things like cutting a bag open… cutting off twigs from a tree…and MANY more things , too numerous to mention that you will be GLAD you have a very sturdy survival knife with you!
  • You will need a Basic First Aid Kit… you can make your own but just make sure there are some basic first aid supplies, such as adhesive tape, ace bandage and pain killer in your bug out bag.
  • Food, of course…… maybe a few Mountain House food packs, or vacuum packed bags of jerky would work, too…


If you plan to run to the mountains with your emergency backpack, then you will want to learn all you can about backwoods survival.

Bottom line is simply this… regardless WHAT kind of pack you prepare… whether it is simply a 72 hour bag, or a bug out bag to last several weeks, or months… the point is to MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ONE READY.
And do NOT USE the stuff out of your bag, thinking you will replace it soon.
It will be terribly frustrating to grab your emergency pack at a moments notice only to discover that half the things are missing!