Bug Out Vehicle for Emergency Evacuation

The Unimog is Fascinating!

There are some great ideas for a bug out vehicle, including anything from a Mercedez Benz Unimog or a souped up SUV, to a pack horse.



I totally agree with David Morris with Urban Survival when he says,


The FIRST thing is to have a survive at home plan in place and THEN work on a getaway plan if you want to.”



We can be so busy getting some cabin ready in the woods, or finding the right bail out jeep, that we neglect the most important and SIMPLE plan of all… that of making sure we will be okay for a few days or weeks right in our own home if we get stuck there.

But Once The ‘At Home Plan’ Is In Place…

Getting a bail out jeep or vehicle ready can be fun and satisfying, simply because as you stock it with supplies, it makes you feel like you are ready for ANYTHING, which is the whole purpose of prepping anyways!

Some families are preparing a bugout vehicle in the event of emergency evacuation, or simply to have something dependable to get out of town if there is ever a need to, and what that looks like will vary in each case, butthere are a few things that every survivalist will have in common when equipping a vehicle for emergency departure.

b_o_vAccording to studies and reading in survivalist forums a common vehicle used as a means of evacuation is a utility sport jeep or truck with 4 wheel drive, and fully decked out for off road adventure, preferably with a lift kit for higher ground clearance, and big tires.


Since these all terrain rigs tend to be less efficient on fuel, you will want the ability to carry extra fuel and with baggage racks on top and space to carry passengers and pets, most of these get out of dodge trucks are guaranteed to take you where the normal cars won’t be able to go.



Preparing a Bug Out Vehicle

The best option, of course, is to have a car or SUV that you won’t be using except for when the shtf.

That way you can keep adding to your supplies and stash, without fear of losing things.

One thing to remember if you ARE stashing things into any car or truck, is the weather… you will want it to be well ventilated at all times to prevent food items from getting too hot or cold.

And make sure to rodent proof it as well!

Pack rats LOVE parked cars.

Another thing we would recommend is to have a portable solar system or some form of alternative energy.

Visit our solar pages at the left of the page or click here ==>> solar generators to get more info on that.

There is the normal bug out stuff you will want to have in your escape car…we have several pages listed below where you can read more about what to take along…


  • Bug Out Bags… learn how to make your own Bug Out Bag and KEEP IT IN YOUR BOV!
  • 72 hour Kits … make a Basic Supplies Kit that will last for up to 72 hours. In hurricane season it has not been uncommon for people to be trapped in their vehicles for hours.
  • First Aid Kit Stuff …Make your own or purchase a basic kit and either add it to your bugout bag or just have it with everything else.

Regardless what you put into your bug out vehicle… the important thing is that you LEAVE IT IN THERE!

Don’t use your emergency preparedness supplies , thinking you will replace them before a calamity hits. It’s not worth it!

What about Packhorses?


Me, Personally… I think a Pack Horse is The Best Option!

If you are a single person, or even if there are two people, having a couple pack horses or mules is the best bug out vehicle you will ever have.
Here are just several reasons…

  • Horses can go where even trucks can’t…you can cross very rocky terrain, swim across rivers, slip thru the woods with a horse or mule.
  • Horses do not use fuel… not gasoline anyways! They DO have to eat so carrying a bag of grain is a must if you use a pack horse.
  • People have used horses for transportation for years before the car was ever invented…and horses are capable of carrying a lot of weight without overburdening them.

So yes, I do believe a pack horse is the very best Bug Out Ride there is!



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