Building Solar Panels For Emergency Backup Power

Save Time and Get Yourself a Guide

Many homeowners are looking atbuilding solar panels for their homes, partly because they are a DIY(Do-It-Yourself)kind of a person and party due to the fact that


cost of solar panels is too high for them to be able to purchase a ready made system.
Either way, The MOST important part is that we have SOME sort of alternative energy we can tap into for emergency preparedness situations.
And seriously, you will save yourself a TON of frustration, time and very likely money, by getting a simple guide that can walk through each step of assembling your own panels.


Jeff’s System…

My friend, Jeff, has a simple, working solar unit set up at his house that he built himself.


The picture here is of the solar panel system he set up to run the water pump. ( When we took this picture we were trying to get the garden in it too, so it’s kinda hard
to see, but you can see the panels in the background. 

With his system he is able to pump water anytime, although he uses it mostly as a backup power source. But it will work, no matter how long of a power outage there’s been, and believe me, when you have been out of good cold drinking water for a day or two, you get a whole new appreciation for it!

It would actually be great for neighbors to go together and set one of these systems up, so they have water if the grid gets shut down for some reason or other.

Cost of Solar Panels

You can actually buy solar units that are all ready to go, which is what I would have to do, if it weren’t for my handyman hubby, as I wouldn’t have a clue how to assemble one on my own!

If you have looked at buying solar panels at all, you know that to purchase a system sufficient to run a 300 watt home, which is what a normal house is considered to use, will cost around ten grand. I have not bought one myself but I have friends that have messed around with solar stuff.
One family lived for years with a room full of batteries and huge solar panels on their roof. As the kids grew older and moved on, they decided to get the wonderful juice we call electricity wired to their home, but should anything happen to that, they are still all hooked up to live quite comfortably off-grid.
For many families, the price of purchasing a unit that is ready to install is a bit out of reach, and that’s where building them on their own becomes a viable option.

Build Your Own Panels For Under $200

If you are a motivated do-it-yourself-er you can learn how to build your own solar panel or panels, if you need more than one , for your home, workshop or business.
When compared to the cost of purchasing and installing a pre-made solar energy system, learning how to make solar panels for your energy needs and the materials you need to execute the project is usually quite a bit less expensive.
There are several things that you will want to have on hand to help you with building a solar panel.

  • First of all….. A Guide is a must if you plan to build your own!There are actually quite a few great ones available on the net and we have gathered a few of the HIGHEST RATED ones here at Solar Panel Guides for our readers to check out.
  • Some simple tools and of course a shop will be great or working area of some sort..a basement works well.

Do some reviews on the various guides on the internet as some of them focus on simply installing the solar panels while others help you and guide you through each step of actually building your own solar energy system.

Most of the solar guides are available for under $50, which is a small price to pay to be able to have an emergency power system in place for whatever may come our way… and many of the solar guides also include simple instructions on building wind turbines, should you choose to do so…
A lot of your supplies can be found at your local hardware store like, plywood, sheets of glass, and a roll of copper wire. It is usually fairly easy to locate inexpensive solar or photovoltaic cells to use in your project. Many are available over the Internet or you may have a retailer available locally.
Once you’ve learned how to make solar panels and you have your supplies,it usually takes about a day to assemble a 100-watt panel, according to some reviews I read… it would take ME way longer than that, I’m sure!


The most important step, as we have mentioned before, is finding a quality manual with detailed instructions for learning how to make solar panels.
In many cases you get what you pay for, so don’t be afraid to spend a few extra dollars on a well-reviewed instruction manual.
Overall, the cost of the making your own panels is so low, in fact the price of the how to guides are so minimal - you will still be paying WAY LESS when learning how to make solar panels on your own than purchasing a professionally installed system, and with a little bit of effort, you can soon be on your way to learning how to make your own solar panels to meet your energy needs, in whatever way you choose.
PLUS you can sit back and relax the next time the power goes out on your block , YOUR lights will still be on because you are not dependent on anyone else for your energy needs. :)