Cold Pack Canning Made Simple

Cold Pack Canning Still Works Today!



I have used the cold packing method for over 20 years to can almost everything you can think of in fruits, veggies and even meats.

While some people seem to think you can not can foods anymore using the cold packing method, I am thinking I have proved them wrong!lol

My Mom scared me so bad when she used the pressure canning method, when I was little to last me a lifetime!

“Stay OUT of the kitchen, kids” she would warn in an ominous voice.“We don’t want the pressure canner to explode and blow the house to pieces!

NOW looking back, I am sure it was her way of making sure we wouldn’t go near it and mess with the burners. 🙂

But none the less, I have NEVER used a pressure canner and have gotten along just fine, using the cold pack canning method to can literally THOUSANDS of quarts of food.

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DISCLAIMER! We are not responsible for any results obtained by following these guidelines…. although we have never had any experiences with food poisoning by using the sold packing method, each person needs to be responsible to do their own research on food temperatures, etc.

What Exactly IS the Cold Packing Method?


Or water bath method as it also commonly called. Cold packing is using the following simple steps.

  • 1) Fill Jars with whatever you are canning
  • 2)Place jars in canner ( I prefer the granite canners that hold 7 or 12 quarts) and fill the canner with water until jars are covered.
  • 3)Heat to boiling and then adjust burner to get a gentle rolling boil.
  • 4)Boil for appropriate time…

Here is a bunch of things I have canned and the times I used for the cold pack canning method. ( I set my timer when the water reaches a nice rolling boil)

  • Applesauce, peaches, pears, apple pie filling, — 20 minutes.
  • Tomato Juice, grape juice — 20 minutes
  • Corn, peas, green beans,pumpkins, potatoes, vegetable soup, — 3 hours
  • All meat needs to be processed for 3 hours.

In fact, you can use all the same recipes for pressure canning and just use the cold packing method to do the actual canning.

I have friends that try to tell me that the seal won’t last as long on cold packed jars as on pressure cooked ones, but I have never had a problem with it. GRANTED, I have a family to feed so my jars don’t sit on the shelf for years and years either! =)

Questions from Our Readers:

I have used the cold packing method for green beans, but its has been a long time and I have forgotten how long to let the jars boil. could you please tell me how long or where I can find the information. – Ruth

Hi Ruth,
I always coldpack my green beans for 3 hours. I have had people tell me you don’t have to boil them that long, but I want to be safe, I guess!I have tried adding different amounts of water as well, and my family likes them best if I fill the jar with beans ( pack them in!) and then add water till the neck, with a little salt and pepper. yum!
Happy canning!Viola

How did you cold pack new potatoes? Is this correct..wash thoroughly, pack loosely in jars, cover up to 1/2 inch from top, put in 1 Tbs. of salt and then place in canner and boil/cook for how long? Thanks, thanks, thanks! It is so hot here that they rot, even under the carport.

Canning Potatoes:

I LOVE home canned new potatoes!

We had a very easy way to wash those new little potatoes, or even the small leftovers when we harvested them in the fall.We would run them thru our wringer washers for about ten minutes!They would bang and swish around in there and lose all their dirt plus any loose skins and come out shiny and clean. =)

Just MAKE SURE to drain your water hose OUTDOORS and NOT down the drain!Then we would simply fill the jars with the potatoes same as any other vegetable, and add some water. ( You can add only a little bit or half ways, whatever you desire.) I personally like them better without all that water.

Add some salt and pepper and cold pack for three hours.Tip on fixing these delicious home canned taters for a meal: Add some oil to a hot cast iron pan and fry them with only salt and pepper. YUM!

Happy Canning!


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