Disaster Preparedness Could Save A Life

Just A Few BASIC Skills…

There are some very basic disaster preparedness skills that everyone should know about, especially if you live in an area that is prone to natural disasters.


Skills such as knowing how to start a fire in any situation, where to find water, how to get to safety, what to expect when there is no power for several days… every little bit we learn now can help save lives when the need arises to put these things to use.

Don’t wait till everyone is in a panic to try to figure out how to do something as simple finding safe water to drink.

Be the person that can bring calm and peace when the need is there!



Earthquakes can strike without warning and leave entire areas without power or water for days.

Having a simple earthquake kit on hand can help and also having some sort of alternative power available can be a huge blessing.

Although it may be hard to totally prepare for the devastation of an earthquake, it helps to have a ‘plan in mind for when something like that happens.



tsunami_1Hurricanes are a little bit more predictable.

There is often more warning on when one will hit and many times there is time to get away from it all before it actually hits land.

Although it is hard to prepare for the loss of one’s home, there are some basic skills and even some basic hurricane survival guides to help those in a ‘hurricane-prone area’ better cope with the aftermath of one.



joplin_mo_tornadoA tornado is one of the more devastating natural disasters as there is often no warning or reasoning with it.

It can totally demolish one house and leave the one right next to it, intact.

It can kill complete families and create total havoc that takes years to rebuild.


Again, it is never possible to prepare for the devastation of something like losing loved ones, but we CAN master some simple skills that can help us through the aftermath of it all.


 Martial Law

martial_lawMartial law is a whole different story and needs a whole different aspect of preparedness.

Although many folks want to ignore the fact that it could happen in America, there is a very good chance we may live to see martial law in effect to some degree in this wonderful country of ours.


We found a cool book on how to survive a martial type law, should it ever happen.


Global Crisis and Government Shutdown

government_shutdown_1Preparing for something like a government shutdown or global crisis is not so different from most any other preparedness planning.

Learning about stockpiling food and how to survive when there is no power will enable us to survive most events.

And like I always say… If you don’t know what you would do if you’d be without home or shelter for a few days, it may be time to go on a short camping trip!

Nothing helps us learn what to stick in that bugout bag like an overnighter in the woods away from the comforts of home. =)


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