Earthquake Kits

Any Bug Out Bags Can Serve as Earthquake Kits



I just wish each city or town had some sort of shelter where people could run to, and I know some of them DO have that, but earthquakes are so devastating, that even an 
underground shelter
 could be useless, depending on what damage was done.

So the next best thing is to have an emergency kit with you at all times if you live in an earthquake zone.

We found a variety of kits available so we will list a few of them here for easy reference. ANY bugout bag or survival kit will do, though, if you have something like that prepared already.

Preparing for Earthquakes

With earthquakes on the rise every day, and especially with the last major one in Japan, many survivalists are looking to add some essentials to their bug out bags in preparation of an earthquake or disaster of that magnitude.

I personally think there is no way anyone can be TOTALLY prepared for the devastation of what an earthquake can do as Nothing prepares you for the loss of family members and your belongings…

Whether you are in the processing of building your own bail out bag, or are simply looking for some ready made kits to purchase, we added some links that will hopefully help in preparing for an earthquake.

Here are Some KEY things to look for in an ANY Preparedness Kit:

  • Quality of the bag.earthquake-kits
  • First Aid Kitmake sure your first aid kit has plenty of supplies.
  • Fooda 3600 calorie bar is a great food item to add to your kit. Anything smaller is going to be inadequate.
  • Flashlight and Radioa solar radio is a GREAT addition.
  • Shelter, Heat and Warmthas always, look for quality, but a space blanket or two is a great addition and a tube tent. Also some candles and WATER-PROOF matches.

Here are some GREAT, Ready to Buy Emergency Kits



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