Emergency Solar Power …Where?

Emergency Solar in Your Backpack!

Survival solar power has advanced to the point of being able to power almost anything.emergency-solar-1
What this means to those of us that are looking into survival needs and preparedness kits, is that our options are quite interesting.
I think the idea of having solar on my backpack to power all my batteries and electronics is pretty genius, myself.


Let the Sun Do the Work

What a neat idea to be able to not only pack our survival kit into a backpackwhich is what I recommend over a regular duffle type bag, but to be able tosolarize the pack is really cool.
You never have to worry about recharging batteries as with it’s internal rechargeable batteries, that get charged by the sun, you will always have power for cell phones and other small devices, especially communication stuff.
If the time ever comes that we are out in the wilderness with only our survival kits, we will be so glad to have a small power supply of some sort and what a better way to take it with us than in the form of a solar backpack!




Voltaic Systems Solar Backpack