Emergency Vehicle Kit

Make Sure to Keep Your Emergency Vehicle Kit IN The Car At All Times!


Don’t get into the habit of using it and thinking you will replace any items used…later.


 What is the use of a survival type, emergency car kit if we do not keep it IN the vehicle??

So many people make the mistake of thinking nothing will happen just yet….And then they find themselves stranded out in the middle of nowhere with nothing of value in their vehicle to help them

You want to be prepared to give yourself at least a fighting chance, should you get stranded out in the middle of nowhere on a stormy night with only you and your up to now, faithful vehicle.

Emergency Car Kits List

We have compiled a short list of ideas and gadgets that you can tuck into your emergency vehicle kit with the following list of items… you may want to add more of your own but this will get you started.


First off the bat… Rule Number One ALWAYS let someone know where you are going, so that someone has an idea which direction you went if you do not show up.

emergency-vehicle-kitStart with a Basic kit like this Emergency Car Kit and then add the following items to your car kit to create an ULTIMATE kit! 🙂
  • Map and compass,great items to help you get your bearings and create a game plan, should you decide to start walking. If you are in a very isolated area, it is best to stay in the vehicle.
  • A good knife… I am a faithful believer that a good knife is one of the essentials in ANY kit or pack.
  • Extra car key … getting out of the car to pee and dropping the keys or simply locking yourself out is not a pleasant thing to discover. Magnetize the extra key and have it stuck somewhere on the outside and underneath your car for such emergencies..
  • Candle in a can … this may seem old fashioned but a soup can with several long burning candles in it can save you from freezing to death inside a cold car. Lighting one of the candles and placing it inside the soup can will provide enough heat to keep you alive.
  • Magnesium fire starters or Waterproof matches… to light the candle. Or to light a fire on the outside as well.
  • Whistle… to make noise with.
  • Extra cell phone batteries Nowadays cell phones are a huge asset in many scenarios. it will allow you to make connections as well as helping others find you.
  • First aid kit Make your own first aid kit or purchase a small one.Always, always have a spare blanket in your car. An extra pair of heavy shoes would be good as well, in case you get caught in heels or sandals.
  • Bug Out Bags are a great way to keep emergency items in the trunk of your car.
  • Leatherman or Swiss army knife is a great item to add as well. In fact, a small tool kit along with jumper cables is a must in any emergency vehicle kit. There have been times I needed a simplebattery jump to get going again, but very few people carry jumper cables in their vehicle – and sad to say, I was without one as well!
  • Collapsible Fishing Rod a very handy item if you happen to be stranded close to a lake!

Then there are also things such as an emergency radio, strobe lights, a GPS and other gadgets you can add if you so desire… the important thing is to have a basic car kit that stays in the car no matter what!


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