Generators for Home Use Can Vary Quite a Bit

Generators For Home Use Come in All Sizes and Styles


Finding the right generator depends a lot on what we are looking for in an alternative energy source.

It depends on the size of our home and whether we need a generator for home use to simply run only a few basic items, just to get by, or to power the complete house and live in comfort.

For some people, having some sort of alternative energy on hand simply means a backup source of power for lights and a few other things such as cooking, etc. In that case a small portable electric generator will do just fine.

For others it means a generator big enough to power their entire home.


A Small Gas Generator Is So Handy When The Power Goes Kaput

Small electric generators for home use are the most convenient source of alternative energy, in my opinion.

Even though we talk a lot about creating your own energy with solar panels or wind generators… having a small electric generator can be a life saver as well.

Especially if you are only needing it for small odd jobs or for the very basic survival needs.

The pros of building your own homemade generator system is that you can build it as big as you want and get completely off the grid, with almost no expense, as the sun and/or wind is your source of fuel.

The pros of simply getting a small portable generator is that you can simply unload it from the truck (especially if you buy it online and have it delivered to your door 🙂… fill the thing with fuel and pull the rope.

Several things to consider with electric generators for home use:

  • You want to make sure you get a quiet one if you are in a crowded neighborhood.
  • Make sure you check the size you need…. in fact there is a website where you can learn more about sizes and they have a really great selection of portable generators as well.


Choosing a Generator Size

If you plan to run your whole house, then you will want to either purchase a bigger unit or perhaps look into building a solar or wind generator according to what you need.

When I was growing up, we did not have electricity wired to our home so we used alternative power, as a generator for home use and used it for things such as wringer washers, some lighting, etc…and a small generator worked perfect for that.

Be very careful what size generator you plug something like a vacuum cleaner into.
Believe me, I have BLOWN vacuum cleaners by plugging them into too small of an energy source!

Bigger Generator for Home Appliances

But for the bigger appliances or for operating shop tools, etc, we had a noisy diesel generator out in a building that could power anything you could ever dream of putting into your home!

My dad was really handy with doing stuff himself so he simply ran all the hydraulics into the house thru the same ditch that our water lines were in. I realize things may bw a bit different now and laws vary in different states as to what you can do in that line, but if it is your bug out place, and if things ever DO hit the fan, who’s going to worry about how you got the wires into your home or if they are up to code?

For those that are looking for reasonable and sturdy generators for home use, visit this site Every Generator Imaginable!
Every has the largest selection of generators online. Enjoy low prices and free shipping on most Brand name generators. Name Brands include Dewalt, Briggs and Stratton, Guardian, AC Delco and many more.

If you are simply looking for a good kit to build your own generator…click here ==>>Homemade Generators

OR…If you have access to a means of solar or wind energy or can build your own kit using either of those methods, that is by far the best option as far as long term re-usable energy.

Propane Powered Generators

Propane is another way to power a variety of appliances including generators for home power.


The nice thing with propane is that you can store enough to last for several years without the hassle of evaporation as with regular gas.


The amish have lived for generations without electricity and while they have used wind generators for centuries, most of their appliances are fueled by propane

You can power anything and everything from lights and heating to washers and dryers with propane

If you are simply looking for a simple backup generator for home use sort of thing, than a 1500 or 8000 watt is all you need.Don’t forget that you need to have some means of storing fuel for it as well… which is why it may not be a bad idea to go with a propane or diesel as both of those fuels store better than gas.

Commercial Grade Generators

There are really great commercial grade generators as well, that can be used for homes and in fact, there are many people that are getting those is preparation for things that seem to be an ever increasing threat, such as city lock-downs because of the swine flu, or economic crisis events…etc.

While the main concern should be to prepare for your family in means such as having enough food on handsafe water, etc… having a means to live in basic comfort is enough to make anyone feel better! =)

We have a variety of pages on solar and wind energy stuff if you scan our links at the left..


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