A Homemade Generator can Make Life so Much Easier!

Actually ANY Form of Alternative Energy Will Help

It doesn’t have to be a homemade generator, but simply having an alternative source of energy when things go south can make life a whole lot easier.



The next time there IS a citywide meltdown or disaster of some sort and your neighbors are waiting on the city and government to DO something, we can actually be quite self-sufficient with our OWN power systems,
if we choose to do so.

Truth of the matter is that if anything happens on a big scale, such as a terrorist attack on one of our nations power plants , which could easily turn into a cascading disaster, affecting the whole country… it could take days if not weeks or months to get back to anything similar to normal and in most cases, having either solar panels or a small windmill will be the most efficient source of energy.

Even when things happen like hurricanes, power outages in the city, etc…. the sun will still shine, and the wind will continue to blow!

We Can’t Live Without It

When you stop and think about it, Our whole life revolves around having some source of power availablehomemade-generator

  • The media and other methods of staying in touch with what is happening around us….
  • gas pumps have to have power to run the pumps…another reason to go with solar or wind generators
  • Water systems run on electricity…especially if you live in urban areas and are dependent on city water.
  • Of course, countless items in our homes… lighting, heating,cooking, especially coffee makers 🙂.
  • While there are countless programs available online to help you build a homemade generator on your very own, we recently found a very basic and reasonable solar generator system that is all built and ready to go if you want to take a peek at that.

Visit the homemade generator page here for more info on the ready made generators.

Or if you are wanting more information on learning HOW to build your own solar or wind energy systems, you can grab one of the programs below…several of these “Do It Yourself” programs are available for under fifty bucks that will help you build both solar and wind systems to generate your own alternative energy .