Homemade Survival Kit Unique to YOU

Make it Fun and Challenging!

By making your very own, personal homemade survival kit, you will be assured of having everything you need in there.

Plus you can simply add things as you think of them, or as you see what others put into their bug out kits.homemade-survival-kit

It is a challenge for many preppersand survivalists to be constantly learning about preparedness and what to add to their stash or packs.

For some of us, it is simply easier to purchase a ready made emergency kit, and THEN adding things to it, that we want to have in our packs, and that is TOTALLY okay.

What is NOT okay - is to NOT BE PREPARED in some way or other.

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If you are one of those folks looking for a ready-made survival kit, here is website with some great kits to get started with Ready Made Kits


By having a simple guideline or checklist to what you should stuff into yourbail out bag, you will be able to eliminate what you KNOW you might never use and replace it with more important items.


… for example…
If you live in the Southern part of the states, there may not be much need for mylar blankets or winter type survival things, but you may want to add tons of bug spray!
Or if you are in the middle of a big city, you may want some maps, flashlights, and plenty of food.

In MOST cases, though, you will want a GOOD pair of sturdy walking shoes.

A Great “Getting Ready” Tip:

Imagine yourself in a specific scenario that you might find yourself in:
…such as rioting in the streets (the survival experts predict this to be a high probability), in which case you might want a 72 hour kit
an economy collapse (also predicted) and if that happens you will need more of a 6 month type plan.
…or something likepandemic preparation for things such as the swine flu, (which could happen overnight)…
Do this little exercise…Sit back… close your eyes and imagine yourself going thru every step of LIFE in that specific scenario.
It will help you prepare your homemade survival kit better, especially if you have a great imagination!

Here is a REALLY Basic Prepper Kit List

It is great to have ‘lists‘ of things we want to be prepared for. We have several pages where we talk about these lists.
Such as an emergency preparedness list where we talk about building your own bug out bag.
And then there is also the first aid kit checklist here.


This list below is designed for a 72 hour period for about 2 people…

  • 2 large garbage bags (shelter or rain gear) OR 10′x10′ sheet of plastic
  • 100′ parachute cord
  • Emergency space blanket
  • Metal cup (for cooking)
  • Jello with sugar (NOT NUTRASWEET)
  • Lighter or waterproof matches
  • 2 stout candles
  • Knife
  • Whistle
  • Compass
  • Flashlight (small)
  • Stocking cap
  • Spare socks (double as mittens)


I did not add any kind of survival weapons to this list, but we would highly advise stuffing some sort of knife or small weapon into your sack.
There are several types of knives and weapons or rifles that can be added to any emergency pack. Especially the knives.
A good survival knife is extremely valuable in ANY situation!

Survival Gear



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