How to Hide Your Guns And other Valuables…

Learning how to hide your guns is almost IMPERATIVE with all the new tricks coming out to try to get our guns taken

Here in the Northwest, folks aren’t really hiding their weapons, orĀ not as of yet anyways. I think it is because of the wild west mindset that “if you try to take my security, there will be war!”

Seriously though, you do NOT mess with a mountain man’s gun. There are MANY mountain men hiding out in the surrounding areas that are set up for survival in ways we can only imagine.

With no access to the internet or the modern conveniences we all enjoy, these rough and tough guys will be the envy of all America, should there ever be a global crisis or disaster.

And honestly, it would be very hard or inconvenient for a person to survive on their own without a weapon of some sort. Not impossible, but definitely not very convenient!

So what about all the folks living in the CITY?

That is where learning how to hide your valuables is a MUST if you want to be able to protect yourself and your family.

“Hide Your Guns” ….
The Secret Method of Hiding Valuables. you fear the direction our country is headed and recognize the danger signs we are seeing already, then you KNOW ALREADY that NO ONE will want to be without some form of protection.

With gun prices rising,there are more and more house break-ins and thefts happening every day.

Same with other valuables, such as gold and silver.

Civil unrest, natural disasters, crisis situations and terrorist attacks almost ALWAYS involve or lead to looting.

In fact, it is not unusual for a cop to walk up to you and demand that you hand your gun over.

According to Sam Adams , who is making copies of his “How to Hide Your Guns” secrets available to the public for a short period of time….
One of the WORST places to hide your valuables is in your back yard.”If you have valuables ,visit this “Hide Your Stuff” website where you can learn how to protect them.