Indoor Survival Gardening What Fun!

So Many Ways to have Fun with Indoor Survival Gardening!

Nowadays, we can grow amazing indoor plants, especially with all the amazing tools and gadgets we can get ahold of!


It used to be that you had to have a room kinda closed off but attached to the house so that you could heat it….in order to have a winter indooor  garden.


Then there was all the dirt to tend with as you needed to have decent boxes where you could put in enough dirt for the plants to grow.

And in some places like in the NW where I happen to live, there is not even enough sun in the wintertime to sufficiently grow healthy plants indoors.


I LOVE These Indoor Gardening Planters!

With these amazing indoor planting containers, you can have really nice VEGETABLE plants as your house plants.


Not to mention that the pots you grow them in are also a fascinating conversation starter! if you click on the picture below, you can see more examples.


I think it is a really great solution to not only indoor gardening, but also to indoor SURVIVAL gardening, especially if you live in the city and don’t have a lot of room for an outdoor garden. No need to be bored THIS winter. =)

My favorite part is that some of these amazing indoor planters are almost dirt free!



They are set to give you just the right amount of sunlight, heat and moisture to get your plants not only growing fast, but maturing early as well.

But hey, I won’t continue to bore you with MY version of these amazing new indoor survival gardening gadgets that thousands are already a proud owner of…. =)




Simply CLICK HERE to enter the official website of these magic indoor gardening centers.

Stocking up on Survival Garden Seeds

Many folks are concerned that the economy may be worse by spring and are storing up their survival garden seeds now, which is a very wise idea.

The Survival Seed Bank has a store-able, water-safe tube that the seeds come in so that you can even BURY it if you need to and the seeds stay safe.

It is much better to get your seeds NOW and store them for the winter, then to end up in the spring with nowhere to buy seeds from.
The next best thing to having seeds on hand for spring, is to have a garden growing all year – in the comfort of your home.




ProtoGrow is the Amazing New Solution to growing a natural garden ANYWHERE

AND.. make sure you grab one of these helpful Indoor Survival Gardening Ebooks Here! to help with ANY type of gardening this spring

Actually, come to think of it, these indoor planters would make perfect Christmas gifts for the gardener in your life!

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