Mountain House Foods Your Best Freeze Dried Foods Option

They Really ARE The Best!

When you think Mountain House Foods, you automatically think freeze dried survival foods as they have been around for so long

These colorful food packs show up in various places of our home, especially in camping backpacks.

My husband always stores his extras in our backpacks so whenever we take off on an impromptu camping excursion, there are always a few Mountain House packages begging to not be left behind!

They are so easy to fix when you are out in the woods on a camping trip. Some of them you can fix right in the bag. Just pour some water in, mix it up good and eat.

They don’t taste bad either.


We usually have a small kettle that we use to mix it in.

Which reminds me, make sure you add a few pots and pans to youremergency survival list!

Some of the mountain house foods are better than others, of course, just as in ANY kind of food…

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Another Popular Place to Buy Food units…

Another great place to get Mountain House Foods is The 7 Store as they have some of the lowest prices and they have FREE SHIPPING, which is huge as the food units are so heavy and costly to ship.
If you are planning to purchase your food storage units I would highly recommend getting them SOON as just a few weeks ago they were way behind on getting orders out, but are getting caught up again.
The latest update as of 11/10 is that they are shipping orders within a few days.

it takes an emergency situation to throw them back into a several month
back-order scenario – don’t be the ones waiting on your food supply!

A Few More “Freeze Dried Food Buying” Tips:

Here are a couple things to watch for when purchasing your freeze dried food supply…
Be careful WHERE you get them.
There are companies out there offering what they are dubbing a One year food reserve but when you read the fine print and look at the calories, etc, it is way below what you will need to actually survive for a year!



Actually one company was selling a Mountain House Foods unit, but they didn’t list the amount of calories and come to find out the calories were waaay less than what is
recommended in that size of a unit.
They only had about 800 calories per day in their so called bargain reserve where some of the best 1 year food reserves that we have seen provide over 1800 calories a day - and the strange thing is the bargain unit wasn’t much cheaper!


to the FDA, the average adult male in the USA uses about 2400 to 2600
calories per day and females about 2000 to 2200 calories per day. Your
food reserve should reflect this daily average, too.

So, in conclusion, while we all want the best deals as we start our food stockpile for emergencies, we do need to be cautious and check some of those things out before we invest our money.

Look closely at what they are calling a ‘Year Supply Food Unit’ Most dealers will want you to know this, but there is NO SET STANDARD as to what constitutes a ‘Year Supply’ food unit… none.
This is where many people get really taken advantage of. Because there is no standard, you could get anything. I’ve seen so called ‘year supply units’ that had as few as 48 cans of food.

It PAYS to know what you need and Know what you are really getting! (Example Below!)


Thought Provoking…

At a recent preparedness expo, a company was offering a ’2-Year Supply’ for only $1,400.

Wow, what a good deal it looked to be at first glance. What a bargain! Only 64 cents a meal.

Now let me candidly ask you, when was the last time you ate a meal for just 64 cents?

This unit had only 10 cases of food and was supposed to be enough to last for a full year.

After looking closely, the truth was revealed… it had just exactly 12 cans of sugar and 48 cans of powdered milk?!

Don’t make that mistake! Do your research and be safe! :)