Preparedness Planning – What’s YOUR Plan?

Have a Prepping Tip? Survival Story? Something to Share?


Everyone has ideas, tips and strategies on survival, prepping or SHTF stuff.


That’s what makes it interesting.

We love to hear different opinions and angles on stuff..
What is YOUR opinion on what’s going to happen…how are you preparing for it….what are some special strategies you are using?






If there are a few key survivalist strategies you would share with everyone on survival techniques, what would they be?

  • Got some pictures of what you’re building?
  • Learned some lessons you’d be willing to share to help our readers avoid going thru the same?
  • Or maybe you have an actual survival story you would love to share?
    That is what this page is all about!
    A place where our readers can share thoughts, techniques, strategies, frustrations,and ideas on preparedness planning.
    Use the simple form below to add your comments or articles.It HAS to be an original article!
    Feel free to add as much detail and as many pictures as you like, We LOVE pictures! and if you need us to link back to a web page or blog of your own, please let us know and we can add a link before we publish your post.



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