Alternative Solar Energy… Harness That Power!

There’s Enough Solar in The Sun For ALL of Us

With enough solar energy in the sun to provide another 5 billion years of alternative solar energy, survival solar power systems will never be outdated or not usable!



Being able to harness the emissions from the sun to heat our homes and power our electrical conveniences will never cease to amaze me.

It is amazing that so little of it has been put to use and very likely the main reason is because of the cost of purchasing alternative power solar systems.Burning at several million degrees celcius the core of the sun is a raging generator that will never be fully harnessed.


Build Your Own Panels

build-your-own-solar-panelsWhile the cost of operating a solar system is quite inexpensive there is often quite an investment involved when it comes to installing the solar panels.

But what’s been happening is that more and more folks are realizing that they can BUILD a solar panel at very little expense and create their own alternative energy systems literally from scratch!

You can actually reate a solar panel for under $200. If you can negotiate with your local hardware store, you can even get the components for it for under $100.


Alternative solar energy or wind will definitely help you cut your energy costs and should an emergency arise where the power supply goes ka-put, you will be way ahead of the game with your solar panels or wind generators.


Propane is what we used as I was growing up for things like refrigerators, cooking stove, lighting, even freezers and water heaters and that is great if you can store up enough propane.

Eventually we will run out of propane but the sun will always shine again!


Even a Solar Pack!

emergency-solar-1One of the neatest features in the things you can purchase that are solarized, in my opinion, are the solar backpacks .


These are the perfect addition to ANY survival kit, keeping your batteries, phones and radios charged for us as we are on the run, or hiding… whichever scenario we are found in!


Power Up The Rig

The most popular solar generator we have right now is one that is ready to go… just put it together and pop it in the back of your rig, set it outside your home or store it for future use.

The beauty of this hot new system that hit the market within the last few years is that it is within the price range of most families and yet provides a decent amount of power to supply their needs.


Read more specs of the solar generator here.

Use a Solar Oven

solar-ovenBuilding and using a solar oven can be fun experience for the whole family.

Go on a camping trip and relax while your food bakes the slow natural wayor actually it isn’t always slow, depending on how hot the sun is!

You can bake your food in the hot coals of your fire or you can build an actual solar oven that really does the trick, simply by using the natural power of the sun.