Stockpiling Food will Help in Emergency 72 Hour Preparations

Stockpiling food is a great habit to get into regardless if you are getting ready for emergencies or not.


We never know when we may be unemployed or some misfortune may happen that will cause a strain on the budget. For that reason alone it is wise to store up extra food.


But it is especially wise in the whole preparedness, survival scenario.

I think for most folks, SAFETY is the first thought that enters their minds when there is an emergency situation…thought’s like, “are my kids safe?”…” is my STUFF safe?“…these are much more important than food… for the moment, at least.

“I need to be Storing up food” is not a thought that most people get in the FIRST FEW moments of crisis….( unless they are totally OUT of food!)…but sooner or later, no matter how bad you are hurt, or what all you have lost, you will want some FOOD.

A Good Plan…

Once the adrenaline has slowed down and we know that everyone is safe, then we start planning a course of action.
A crisis or emergency is always high stress no matter who you are. And even though, for the first few hours or even days we don’t even think about food, when everything quiets down even a little bit, there is a need to replenish all those calories burned in the high pitch fever of everything that was going on.
That is where a good emergency 72 hour plan comes in handy. Especially in the event of an economic or pandemic crisis


Most of the time you can get help, food and shelter at an emergency shelter, but it usually takes at least 72 hours for the government to get that into place.
It is important to have high energy foods available during these times.
Stockpiling foods high in calories will help you keep your strength up. You can live several days without food if you have decent water to drink…but a few granola bars or high energy snack bars can make a big difference in your energy level.
Compressed food bars are lightweight, nutritious, and high in calories, making them a good choice for your food stockpile, or bug out bag.

Some other great items when stockpiling foods:

  • Dried Foods
    Dried foods such as meat jerky, dried fruits, and trail mixes are all tasty and nutritious and are great additions to your emergency 72 hour kit.
  • Freeze Dried Foods
    Freeze dried foods require some cooking but they are very lightweight and not only that but the shelf life on them is usually much longer than just regular dried foods. And the flavor of freeze dried foods is really great, especially the Mountain House Food – our favorite!
  • MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat)
    The MRE’s are very popular when it comes to stockpiling food and emergency 72 hour kits as they do not require cooking and are high in protein and calories.

Remember that you want to store foods that you will actually want to eat, so make sure that you tuck foods away that will make you happy when you pull them out in an emergency!

Don’t Forget the Utensils and Pots!

Make sure you tuck in a few light weight pots and pans along with your emergency food storage.stockpiling-food-set

Some things you may want to include are:


  • small cooking pots
  • spoons,forks,knives
  • can opener
  • waterproof matches
  • ziplock bags
  • hotpads or small washcloths
  • small trial size dish soap

As you plan your emergency 72 hour kit, don’t forget the essentials that make life much easier :
toilet paper wipes toothpaste razors pain medication

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