Survival Ebook and Preparedness Books


We have a free survival ebook here for you to take advantage of and then are adding others as we get a chance and come across them.







Some survival ebooks are free, others are not, but they will be worth the time and/or money it takes to download them to your computer for quick reference.

Some of the photos on this page are actually clickable and will take you directly to the information on each book..:)

Would you confidently know what to do in the scenarios below?

  • If your child began choking? survival-first-aid
  • If your friend was injured and severely bleeding?
  • If your neighbour was in shock?
  • If a close relative had a heart attack?
  • If someone you know was suffering from a heatstroke?
  • If you were the first at the scene of an accident and someone was not breathing and loosing consciousness.


You owe it to yourself, your children, relatives, neighbours, friends or strangers to acquire this knowledge.

It will be too late, when you are standing there and watching helplessly… Learn more about Emergency First Aid Here….



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