Survival Firearms – Which are the Best Survival Weapons?

Do Yourself a Favor and Learn How to USE Your Weapon

There are so many survival firearms or weapons to choose from when looking at preparedness scenarios.

Do we need a small hand gun, a rifle for hunting food or simply some pepper spray…?


Although we may not agree on WHICH weapon is the best survival firearm, I think one area most of us preppers would agree on, is that in order to survive in the wilderness we need SOME sort of gun or rifle and for sure, a good knife, added to our emergency list.

It doesn’t have to be some fancy, expensive piece of firearms either.


As you can see in the photo here, a simple broken off, duct taped together bb gun can be deadly, if used correctly!(That’s my youngest daughter, by the way – just being a tomboy, but a dead-on-target tomboy!)


Practice … Practice

ANY kind of weapon will do you no earthly good, in fact it may be harmful, unless you practice how to operate it.

Just because you have a gun strapped to the top of your wilderness packwill not guarantee you safety in the wild. It can actually turn you into a very dangerous person if you don’t know firearms safety procedures.

survival.weaponsPeople have gotten hurt because of lack of training on how to handle a gun.

Almost every year there are hunting accidents, because of too many inexperienced hunters in the woods.

It is because of idiotic behaviour on the part of uneducated rifle owners, that we have all these issues about gun control.

Please do yourself a favor and educate yourself on the use of any kind of survival firearms before you strap it onto your bug out bag.

Most rural areas, and I would imagine most cities do the same, have designated shooting ranges where you can safely practice your shooting skills.

When you live way back in the hills and mountains as some of us do then all you need to do is hike into a remote area and practice for real – in a real wilderness environment!

Either way, please help everyone keep their rights as a gun owner.



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