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Have the Info You Need At Your Fingertips!

There are several really good survival garden ebooks available on the net. If you don’t have one already, you need to get one…. or this COULD be you next spring!




I am out in the middle of the garden, it’s a beautiful, warm, sunny day and I am ankle deep in the nice soft dirt, surrounded with seed packs and hoes but I can’t for the life of me, remember if it is okay to plant the beans next to the squash.

So, I get back up, brush off all the dirt, enter the nice cool house, fire up the computer and google “can I plant beans next to squash”…




Answer is right there on the first page.


What is NOT so perfect…

… is that two hours later, I am STILL sitting in front of that screen, all engrossed in survival gardening information and survival garden ebooks, that was just too interesting to let go.


Now, it is quite a bit warmer outside but I really need to get those beans into the ground, so back outside I go…


Sound familiar??



We Can Help With That 🙂

We have a short compilation of survival garden ebooks to help solve that problem.

Most of them are fairly inexpensive and easy to read And you can print them out for easy, handy, carry in your pocket type of reference.

Now all you need is a shady arbor with a nice bench in your garden so you can read survival garden ebooks while you rest!

More Ebooks Listed Below…

Remember that the gardening part remains the same regardless whether we are just gardening for fun or doing survival gardening.. …The main difference is that we DO NEED to use Non-Hybrid seeds for survival gardening…

Vegetable Gardening for the average person


With this survival garden ebook, you will learn:

  • Composting Techniques
  • Discover the secrets to growing fresh, tasty vegetables.
  • Learn about high-density gardening
  • Building your own compost bin
  • Plant rotation
  • Aerating your soil
  • Starting your garden indoors… and much more!








Click Here to get your own Vegetable Gardening for The Average Person Ebook…




You Can Even Plant a Vege Garden That Sows Itself!



Aussie horticulturalist Jonathon White has written an easy step by step video and book that will show you how to plant a vegetable garden that continually regrows itself.

So you can have a productive, organic vegetable garden that only needs you to put in about 8 hours a year.

He covers all the crucial steps from bed preparation and seed propagation to spacing, layout, maintenance and more.

Gardening Ebook





Then There Are Hydroponic Gardening Ebooks!

Growing Without Soil: A Guide to Hydroponics reveals:

  • survival-gardening-5The many advantages of hydroponic gardening. You’ll find out just why those who are involved with the hydroponic movement love it so much! 
  • All of the components you need to have a successful hydroponic experience.
  • Practical instructions on how to make your plants grow like you wouldn’t believe.
  • Instructions for the construction of your own hydroponic garden. Don’t just learn why hydroponic gardening is great. Learn how to do it!
  • All about lighting, plant nutrition, growth medium selection, and all of the “nuts and bolts” perspective you need to have your own green thumb.





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