How to Choose the Best Survival Kits for YOUR Needs…

You Can Also Make Your Own Kits

There are so many different kinds of survival kits available online (or offline) that sometimes it can be overwhelming to know which emergency kit is the best fit for YOUR needs.


But for most people, the overwhelmed feeling comes from just not knowing WHAT to get or HOW to get started.

We have added a list of the different KINDS of emergency kits that can be used for various preparedness needs below.

So I would suggest, get educated on WHAT you want to prepare for…. and then get a plan in place.

If that means simply purchasing some basic survival kits then do so.

You will be miles ahead of 95% of your fellow Americans by simply having something on hand to see you thru a few days while you sort out the bigger picture.





Do You Have a Plan?
The biggest thing is to figure out WHAT you are preparing for, as far as survival needs.Are you simply wanting to have an emergency kit on hand that will get you thru a few days while you wait for a snowstorm to clear, or hurricane to pass?Or do you need a bug out bag that you can pack with you as you head to the mountains for a few weeks…?Or maybe you simply need a bugout bag prepared and ready to grab at a moments notice as you prepare to flee the city.Regardless WHICH kind of these preparedness kits you plan to have on hand, the important thing is to HAVE a plan.

There will be enough chaos in the area if there is a sudden economic breakdown or if there is a threat of nuclear attack, without US scrambling around trying to figure out an exit plan!

family-survival-kitPreparedness Kit for a Family

This amazing preparedness kit will last a family of four for almost three months… or if you are by yourself, it would probably last close to a year!


Although we recommend having a ‘survive in place’plan in the making, having something like this as a backup for supplies is a great ‘set-my-mind-at-ease-er!

 Earthquake Kitsearthquake_kits

There is simply NO WAY anyone can be TOTALLY prepared for the devastation of what an earthquake can do as Nothing prepares you for the loss of family members and your belongings…


But there ARE some simple skills we can learn to make it easier to survive such disasters and to help others when the need arises.



List of Preparedness Kits


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