Survival Knives Chose a Good One!

Every Prepper NEEDS a Good Sharp Knife


There are SO many survival knives available all across the net, with everything from hunks of metal to flimsy, light, flashy toys…. and when it comes to finding a GOOD knife to add to your pack, you want to have the best!

It will be VERY frustrating to get caught in a situation where you REALLY need a good strong knife and all you have is a cheap, hollow handled knife that broke the first time you tried to use it.

Read our brief review on one of our top selling knives…the Gerber LMF ll Knife.

(knife pictured at right)

Don’t get Stuck With a Crappy Survival Knife!

cheap_knifeBelieve me, when you are out in survival mode and you are caught with a crappy knife, it will not be good.

A good knife means everything in the world of survival!

A crappy knife is NEVER good, even in normal life. (The one at the left is a five dollar deal you can get that would be considered anything BUT a good knife!)

Survival Knives Blog here.



Brand Name Knives

good_knifeThere are many brand name knives to choose from that will give you a great tool for the money.


There are the Gerber knives including the famous Bear Grylls one, or there’s theTom Brown Tracker knife that’s a good one.


The Blackhawk knives are a good choice as well as various military gear and tools.


 There is Even One for The Ladies

ladies_knifeThis little credit card knife is the coolest gadget I’ve seen for a long time.

Perfect for the ladies (and men!), it is a great size to tuck in your wallet for all those times you WISH you were carrying a knife of some sort.

They make great gifts and are a super great ‘stocking stuffer’ for that survivalist friend that has everything!

Here’s a bit more info on these little babies…


More Survival Gear and Tools

There are some other great bug out tools and gear that need to be added to our emergency list, such as a hatchet or ax of some sort.

Don’t forget about a good survival saw, unless you have a super good knife with a serrated edge.

Best survival knife what to look for in a survival knife


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