Survival Lists to Help Get Started

Survival Lists to Get You Started | My Blog

Lists Are My Friend!

Make yourself a list of survival lists to help keep things organized and to stay on track as you make your emergency survival plan.

Remember though, Survival is about SKILLS, not about STUFF.survival_lists
Stuff can be lost or stolen, but the skills you will learn as you train for survival will be used for the rest of your life.

And if you feeling overwhelmed… bear in mind that you are already well ahead of 75% of your friends and neighbors just by KNOWING you need to get started!
So having a “list of lists” is a great way to stay on target with your planning and emergency preparedness.




Learning simple survival skills will boost your self confidence and you will truly become self-reliant and able to face whatever economic or global crisis that comes your way.
Start with a “list of survival lists” and then create prioritized lists off each topic in the of the original list…. spreadsheets work great for this but make sure you print off a hard copy so you have it in case the power grid goes down.

Make sure your lists are specific to YOU and your climate / geographical location. These lists will vary slightly for someone living in the mountains like we do, or for someone living in the south where it rarely gets cold!Where we may need WARM clothes in our packs, you might want to make sure you don’t forget the skeeter dope!

Your ‘Survival Lists’ List Should Include…


  • Water List55 Gallon Water Barrels, 5 gallon buckets, water purifiers, a heavy duty cart to HAUL the heavy water from your water source… etc.
    The items in ALL the lists will vary with every situation.
  • Food Storage List<<== Just click on that link to get a whole page of food storage info. 
  • Personal List Take care of anything NOW that you can, such as dental work, get spare eye glasses, etc.
    A personal list may include such things as hobby supplies, books, games, even chocolates!
    GET IN SHAPE – this is a major personal goal that EVERY survivalist needs to have.
  • Food Preparation List Things such as heavy kettles for heating water, 50 gallon barrels for storing water, granite canner and TONS of jars for preserving foods, knives and meat sawfor preparing food you kill… over-sized pans and kettles for big crowds… things like that.
  • First Aid List… again <<== click here to get more info…rather than me re-writing everything again!
  • Gardening listhere it depends on whether you are a gardener already or just simply wanting to prepare for the need to HAVE a survival garden.
    In either case, you will want decent gardening tools, survival seeds (click here for info on ==>>open-pollinated or heirloom seeds)… and possibly a gardening manual of some sort.
  • Firefighting ListStuff like water hoses, rakes, etc to fight fires with , should there be a need to do that.
    In a survival situation, you will probably not be able to call the fire department!
  • Hunting/Trapping ListHave several salt blocks on hand. It is illegal to use them to hunt in many states but if you are in a survival situation, it is a very easy way to have game (dinner) come to you!
    A few traps, and good fishing tackle will also be beneficial.
  • Power/Lighting/Batteries ListIf you already into alternative energy such as solar/ wind stuff, then this may not apply to you.
    If not, you may want to check into a small portable generator of some sort.
    For lighting, the easiest way to prepare for that is to have plenty of kerosene on hand and an oil lamp for each room in the house.
  • Weapons List
  • Tools List<<== we added a page here for that.
  • Tactical / Survival Gear List <<== click on the link)
  • Fuels ListThe best way to do this is to have the biggest size tanks that your budget will allow for diesel, propane and kerosene. Gas can be stored as well but the evaporation is a slight issue if it is stored for too long of a time.

Survival Tip:


Keep the gas tank on your car or truck, at least 2/3 full at all times.