Survival Weapons – What Should I Have?

Should I Take a Knife or a Gun

When trying to decide which survival weapons are the best… or whether to choose a knife or a gun… there are several things to look at:


  1. What is my plan?
  2. What will I need a weapon FOR?
  3. Will it be for self defense or to put food on the table…

All these things can make a huge difference in what KIND of weapon we want to take along.

Without having a clear plan for emergency preparedness,and KNOWING what our goals are, it is very hard to plan for ANYTHING.

My personal theory is: If I am planning to flee to a hideaway or pre-stocked cabin in the mountains, then I will want a good rifle, such as the Ar 7 Rifle or something similar, PLUS a good survival knife and even ahatchet or a bow.

But if I am simply wanting to protect myself at home, then a small pistol might do the trick.

In Most Cases You Want Both

weaponsA good gun AND a knife.

But there is no sense getting some small hand gun if we are wanting it mostly to supply food for the family.

I would personally suggest ALWAYS having a good knife in the plan, regardless if you plan to stay at home or flee to the hills.PLUS, A knife will be much less conspicuous than a rifle if you have to go through a vehicle search.


Find out what to look for in the best survival knife… and we have some more info on what to look for in survival guns here as well….


Hiding Your Stuff

hiding_gunsLearning how to hide our guns and valuables is a great asset as no matter how much we can stockpile and get ready for survival scenarios, we can get robbed overnight.

Any time there is civil unrest and when the unemployment rate rises, there is more crime and theft.

And if there ever IS something like anational government shutdown where there are no more gov checks and hand-outs, it will only increase.

Learn how to hide your valuables and be prepared!


Military Survival

militaryThere are many great things that can be learned from the military on preparedness issues.

Not all of us have the opportunity to join their ranks and learn all that stuff, but there are ways to take advantage of what they have to offer.

One is to get ahold of good military gear,as they have gear that is designed to wear for a long time.