Survive Martial Law Red Alert Warning!

Don’t think it’ll happen?

You may be thinking, Survive Martial Law in 2012, or worse yet IN AMERICA?? Will we REALLY see martial law come to our beloved country?
Some seem to think so, especially as the effects of the new health bill take place, with threats of a government shutdown in certain states, etc.

Arrested Jewish settler lies on the roof of synagogue during evacuation of the northern West Bank ...

And then there is also the whole 2012 Survival scenario – which could easily instigate a martial law as well…. we added a page on the topic of 2012 here==>> 2012 Info. So… let’s just take a moment to consider some recent headlines:… and I am sure there are many more that could be added…

  • “44,000 UN Troops Train in US in operation Agile Provider”
  • “Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke Warns of Martial Law if Bailout Not Approved”
  • “General Barry McCaffery Confirms Thousands of Foreign Troops Are in the US to Assist with Domestic Emergencies”
  • “Federal Government Collecting GPS Data on Every American Household”
  • “Homeland Security Report Leaks; Tax Protestors, Abortion Opponents Are Terrorist Suspects”
  • Pennsylvania Chapter of NAACP Urges Martial Law
  • H.R.645 and the New FEMA Concentration Camps

It does not take long to realize that there is something going on here that the majority of Americans are not prepared for.


There is a really great manuscript available (and believe me, we have not EVER come across material of this sort before, so if you in the least bit interested in getting a copy of it, we would encourage you to grab it below NOW while it is available.

Here are a few things you will learn about as you read thru the Survive Martial Law manual…

  • What the most dangerous agency is in the US ( You would never have guessed!)
  • What the fifteen essential supplies are that you MUST have on hand in order to survive a police state…including an unusual one that nine out of ten survivalists never thought of
  • How to use nature’s bounty to stay healthyeven when government has total control of our health care system
  • How the government will manipulate economic situations to bring about rationing and food shortages…and what YOU can do about it.
  • The secret that is MORE important than guns, food or money.In fact, why not just go read it for yourself instead of listening to second hand stuff from us …! :] Just follow the link above to get to the information on how to survive martial law in America. Do yourself and your family a favour and BE PREPARED!


Learn How to Survive Martial Law in America

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