Underground Survival Shelters in the form of a Concrete Bunker


Every Town NEEDS a Few Good Underground Shelters!

 We’ve looked at a variety of emergency shelters,and there is quite a variety out there.

One idea is to buy a piece of property waaay out in the middle of nowhere, close to a stream and with some slight rolling hills then build a dugout shelter like this one.shelter
Kinda reminds one of Laura Ingalls, eh? =)
Even better would be to have a hideout or getaway shelter like this in the middle of a forest, but it would be super hard to dig and work with rocky, woodsy land to build something like this.
Some pros to building a dugout kind of house is that it is easy to heat in the winter as the earth is an instant insulator, likewise it stays cool in the




You don’t have to worry about the siding on it, having to paint, etc, although I am sure there are other things that would be upkeep that no one would know about except folks that have actually lived in one!
My kids would LOVE having a getaway home underneath our home…and I wouldn’t mind having one myself some days when their friends are over to send them to!
It would be great to have a secret place to run and hide from a lot of things, from tornadoes and hurricanes to and door to door salesmen and witnesses!


Hidden Bunkers



There are many reasons why this is one of the MOST POPULAR underground survival shelter designs sold today.
They can be used for so many purposes, although emergency preparedness and evacuation hideaways are the most prominent reasons for building these hidden shelters.
You can use them for:

With this unique bomb shelter design, you can create a simple under ground room…. or you can connect the individual concrete bunkers to make a maze of rooms.


Imagine having a COMPLETE hideaway home RIGHT UNDERNEATH your home you are currently living in! Would make a great escape place for when the in laws stop over! :)
But seriously, it is really a no-brainer for anyone wanting to have some kind of safe underground getaway to flee to, that is BOMB safe.
Info Note: The Beehive Shelters are made of a combination of steel and concrete, making them 40% stronger than concrete cast at a normal building site.

Private and Inconspicuous


One of most important factors when building ANY survival shelter, whether ABOVE ground or UNDER ground, is that you really don’t want all your neighbors to know what is going on.


I’d want to have it designed, built (or BURIED!) and covered up before anyone had a chance to figure out something was going on!
The Beehive Underground Survival Shelters are designed to be installed quickly and discreetly.
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