Want to Weather Things out at Home?

Is urban survival a wise plan?



Absolutely! Learning how to survive in your own home is ESSENTIAL!




The only UNwise plan is when you don’t have ANY plan.
What can easily happen when we are scrambling to get a remote area emergency plan into place is to FORGET to have a plan in place in the event that we are NOT able to leave the city or our homes.

You may have a remote cabin all prepared and filled with several years supply of food and reserves….but what if you can’t get there??
First of all, anticipate what kind of situations that you may face… nuclear, natural disaster, city lock-down, pandemic emergency, etc… Would you have access to food and water? Will it be easy to get out of the area, etc…


A Few Simple Steps to Staking out at Home…

So while it is absolutely a great idea to have some remote emergency plan in place, it is utter folly to NOT have some sort of plan in place to weather things out at home as well! There are some great prepping books available to help with whatever plan you decide to go with.

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