Wilderness Camping Tips – Sharpen Your Survival Skills by Camping!

Roughing It For a Night…

We picked up some great wilderness camping tips when we went on our annual family vacation trip again this year.


Every year we load our camp gear onto the boat and boat across the reservoir here in NW Montana to spend a few days totally away from everything and everybody.
And every year we gain a few more camping tips to add to our preparedness resources.

This year was no different as we usually take along a nice pop-up tent canopy for our ‘outdoor cooking shelter’ but alas, someone had borrowed it for an event and ruined it so we had to improvise.



Wilderness Camping Tip #1:

Take several tarps, roll of duct tape and nice size roll of arts-n-crafts store twine
We stuck a few tarps, duct tape and a roll of arts store twine into our pack and decided to make it an adventure.

Turns out that was our biggest camp tip of the weekend!


Thanks to my very handyman of a hubby, we had a nice shelter set up in record time.

We had three tarps with us on this trip so could enclose two sides but if you would want to close off all sides just take a few more along. These were size 6×8 and 10×12.

The beauty of taking tarps along as shelter is that they don’t weigh much, and you can easily tie them to trees and shrubs with twine and duct tape. Plus if the wind changes you can simply switch the tarps to a different side. Or if the sun hits the food, do the same.

Showers While Roughing It

Wilderness Camping Tip #2:


Take along a nice solar shower!


Another luxury item we took along this time was a solar shower.

Ahhh… if you have never camped in the woods for more than one night you will have no clue how amazing this item can be!

And once again, our duct tape and twine came in very handy as we needed to hang the shower bag high enough to take a decent shower without wasting all that precious warm water! But to our dismay we punctured a hole in the bag the very first time we hung it up.solar-shower1

HUGE Solar Shower TIP!… Be VERY careful with the solar shower bag once it is full and warm as the bag will be soft and vulnerable to twigs sticking out on the trees!



Seriously, I think duct tape fixes most anything.

It fixed the leaking hole before too much precious warm water escaped and it was WET! The solar shower pictured here isn’t the one we took along… it is what we want to take NEXT time though! 🙂 As long as you are near a water supply, you can take hot showers as often as you please when you spending a few days in the outdoors.

Tools to “Do Your Business in the Woods” with…

A common downside of setting up camp in a remote area, is the necessity issues of relieving yourself in the woods.

This year my daughter and I found this really handy little digging tool that can be bought at any local hardware store or on Amazon.

We had taken along some metal detectors and the little metal diggers that come with those, but any diggers will work to simply dig a hole, **** in the hole and cover it all back up!

Wilderness Camping Tip #3:



Buy one of these handy little tools to take along on your camping trip for the nitty gritty details of roughing it in the wild! You can buy this one on
Amazon and the really neat feature of this little digger is that it comes with a pouch and clips onto your belt. (Grab your camping digger here.)