Wilderness Survival Shelter Roughin’ It or Nice and Cozy??

We can learn from hunters when we look at a wilderness survival shelter.



More than anyone else, hunters spend their whole lives looking for ways to make living in the wild more pleasant while they stalk the big one.

When we think “ emergency protection, we can learn a lot from hunting cabins and the way they are designed as quite often those are built with winter and cold weather in mind…like this PORTABLE Hunting Cabin Plan for example.

..and by the way, if you ARE a hunter, especially for deer…(we are avid hunters!)

…you will enjoy these cool tips and secrets for deer hunting….Deer Hunting Secrets or here is another one…Rocky Mountain Elk Guide

Back to the Subject of Wilderness Survival Shelters …

We are a family of hunters and depend on the annual meat supply the forest raises for us so it is easy to get off topic here a bit! =)

There are many ways that you can make a shelter in the wild, and it depends of course on what kind of area you happen to be stranded in….. or plan to escape to when disaster hits.

The method of shelter also depends on what time of year it is.

(If you are looking at building a REAL cabin in the woods, visit our Small Cabin Shelter page here).


We have discussed several ways of building shelters that you may want to look at then, but let’s just imagine for a moment atwhat we can prepare AHEAD of time for the purpose of surviving in the wilderness.

What if….

We could build a simple camp on wheels kind of thing??

You know, sort of like a pop up trailer, except rugged enough and STURDY enough to be taken anywhere that your SUV or pickup can take it.

We found an amazing and fascinating guide on building a camp that is designed for hunters. The minute we saw it, we knew we had found the perfect solution for the Do It Yourself kind of guy that wants to have awilderness survival shelter in a bag…. er… on a trailer… =)

Anyone that has ever spent time in a tent in a remote area knows there are certain downfalls to living in a tent for any length of time.

  • Rainy weather….everything gets wet and damp, and soon moldy if you can’t figure out a way to dry things.
  • Uneven ground… it’s okay for a few nights, but it gets pretty old to try to find a spot to sleep where you won’t be rolling downhill or ending up in a small hollow in the ground!
  • No storage area… all your gear and belongings are piled up against the tent wall, where it gets all wet with condensation…
  • Stooping and Ducking…no head space or room to get dressed without stooping in half to do so.

These are all things that are fine and dandy when you are simply on a camping trip for a few days…but when you are thinking LONG TERM for a shelter, it’s not such a great thought to be doing it for weeks on end!

With some simple tools and supplies, you can build what the hunters call aportable camp and be all set for all kinds of weather.


Unique Camp Shelters



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