A Bit About Us



We are an ordinary country family of 7 – living in a very small town in NW Montana. (Pop. of about 1500)


My husband is a trucker, hauling propane for the NW region of the states, and I own and operate a cleaning business when I am not punching keys on the computer.
Our oldest son and daughter are based in CA but travel a lot doing ministry. Our son is an evangelist and daughter is a free spirited worship leader. :)
The youngest three are still in school so we juggle the normal life of school, sports, church and family.
Hunting, camping and fishing are pretty high on the list at our house.
We are so fortunate to live in an area where we can freely do all of that within a few miles of the house!


Our Amish Background…



My husband and I grew up and got married in the Amish culture. In fact , all our kids were born Amish.

We left our Amish background a few years back for personal convictions and although they have a really unique culture and rich heritage – much of which we will always carry with us, I sure do love my electricity and wheels!

After having to go out, catch, harness and hitch a horse to a buggy, before being able to go anywhere, I am VERY thankful for being able to go turn a key and get on the road. :)

However, having grown up without electricity and all the conveniences I now enjoy, I know it is totally possible to live a very comfortable life without being hooked up to the grid.

There are so many ways to generate your own power, and if you don’t even want to do that, there are still hundreds of Amish families that don’t even have alternative power and they get along just fine.
Granted, the Amish folks WORK HARDER each and every day just to live!

Reason for Building Emergency Survival Skills


The MAIN reason for building this website was for me to be able to stay at home with the kids more and it is allowing me to do exactly that.
If you are curious how that works, make sure to click the link at the bottom of this page and you will see the exact program I followed to build this site…
But the OTHER reason is because we are surrounded by people that are survivalist minded, and having NEVER had the priviledge to live WITHOUT all the modern conveniences, they have a tendency to make it much harder than it really is.
For instance, some of the most important survival equipment you will need is a wood stove of some sort with a FLAT top a water source and a bunch of food stored up.
With a wood stove you will be able to cook food, heat water, dry clothes, stay warm, can food (to preserve anything you might grow or kill), and bathe.

But anyways, we have more of that type of info scattered throughout our website…and are always happy to answer questions or add a page on a topic dear to YOUR heart.


Just drop us a line HERE or submit your OWN STORY HERE, and we will add it to our site.
Blessings to all our readers from The Clan at Emergency Survival Skills!