Residential Wind Power Catch the Wind with Your Own Turbines

Let The Wind WORK For You!

residential-wind-powerResidential wind power is absolutely the way to go for alternative energy if you are living in a windy area.

I personally would rather have tons of sun to make use of, but if you happen to live where the wind is plentiful, then by all means make use of all that annoying wind and let it WORK for you!

I just don’t are for a lot of wind!

I grew up in Michigan and oh, the wind…so much wind…But I am sure if we had our house powered with the wind at that time, we might have viewed the wind more as our friend than an annoying enemy!

homemade-wind-generatorBuilding a generator that is wind powered is different from a solar one, only in the fact that there is a different SOURCE of energy.

There are certain components you will need for both that will be the same, but when using wind you actually need to HARNESS energy versus simply CATCHING it.


There are so many guides and videos available online to help you in building that kind of thing nowadays that it is almost silly NOT to grab one as it is usually someone else’s experience in building a turbine or windmill and you can very likely save yourself some trial and error by watching someone else first.



Use Wind AND Sun

solar-efficiencyIf you are living in an area with BOTH wind AND plenty of sun, then you have the best of both worlds as far as investing in alternative energy.

You can take advantage of both the sun and the wind

It is not that difficult to build your own wind turbine. With the proper plans and guides some guys have built their own windmills for only a few hundred bucks.

The best part of having some sort of ‘off the grid’ energy system is that you can save a ton of money on your fuel or electricity bill.

PLUS have power when the town is on the blink or there is some sort of crisis where the lines are all down. Regardless what happens in the economy, the sun will still shine and the wind will still blow!

A Few Basic Instructions on Building a Wind Turbine



  • Get familiar with the basics of building wind mills or turbines..(grab a simple plan to study and follow)
  • Tools – (saw, wrenches and a drill are some basic tools you will need)
  • You will need a motor (It is much easier to find a motor to use than to build one yourself)
  • Decent work space area (Your propellers could be anywhere from 4 – 8 feet long so you want plenty of work space)
  • Did I mention you will need a good plan? Green Power Easy is the most comprehensive guide out there, and shows you how to build wind turbines AND your own solar panels. It even includes heaps of videos to take you through all the steps involved and has a great section on strategies to slash your energy use in the home.

We are seeing an increasing number of homeowners that are building their own wind generators or solar power systems, as fuel prices soar again.

Few of the best DIY wind or solar guides that you can buy online, cater for folks who like to recycle and don’t have a lot of cash to splash around.

The Poor Man’s Guide to Wind Power and Battery Systems is one that has suggestions and ideas on where to find batteries, motors, and in fact all the materials needed to build your energy system, at the best prices or in some cases, even for free.

It shows you how to give a new lease of life to a discarded battery, how to make turbine blades for free, how to build a 1000W turbine for under $150, and 3000W one for about $300.
If you are very handy with this type of thing, Build your own wind or solar system and then start building them for others.

There is a growing demand for this type of work – take advantage of the opportunities around you!


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